Instructions for #439 Push Button Units

The Acme Push Button Component Unit comes to you in kit form so that you may mount it however or wherever you wish. All parts are precision made from the finest materials to give you years of service.

Fig 1. You will find the most efficient way to work your switches is to make a master control panel, consisting of a diagram of your layout, right on the control panel. Mount your ACME Push Button Component Unit at each turnout (Switch) location, using the green button for straight and the red for turn. Use printed numbers to designate switch location.
Fig 2. You may also install a bank of controllers, leaving enough space between them for finger clearance. Use printed numbers to designate switch location. Center connections may all be wired together since they are common.
Fig 3. To install your controller, drill three holes on a panel which should be no less that 1/16" and no more than 3/16" thick. We recommend the use of 1/8" masonite for best results. After drilling the holes, check to be sure that the buttons slide freely before assembling.
See Fig. 4 and Fig. 5 for assembly of the various parts. all of which are held together with just one screw and nut.
(For wiring instructions, please follow the instructions supplies with your switch machine.)
NOTE: Buttons may be used individually for momentary operation of accessories or sidings.

See Below main diagram for additional instructions on how to wire for Tortoise
or other slow motion machines.

Below are Special Instructions when using Slow Motion 2-wire Switch Machines
such as Tortoise, with ANY Acme Switch Controller.

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